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Please visit your local Source Office Furniture showroom or contact a representative near you by phone. We’ll be more than happy to help with product or pricing information, or answer any questions you may have about our office furniture.

If you would like to inquire about a product or a consultation, please contact us with your preferred store location.

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Every office is unique, and so are our furniture solutions. Visit our showroom to browse a wide selection of products on display, so you can find the perfect pieces to fit your space, style, and budget. Our furniture specialists are here to provide expert guidance and personalized recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

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By shopping in person, you get to see our products from every angle, while making sure our laminate colours and materials are exactly what you want.

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Feel the quality of our products and explore the textures of our laminate finishes, seat materials, and more.

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Test our products by taking a seat in our office chairs, adjusting our height-adjustable desks, or testing drawers and cabinets from our storage selection.

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Thank you for stopping by the Source Office Furniture Calgary page. Meet our store Manager, Kelly Gammel. Kelly has proudly been with Source Office Furniture for over 16 years. Kelly leads an exceptional team known for their ability to consult on your project, design beautifully functional spaces and bring them to life! Her favorite part of working at Source is her dynamic team, working with a great group of customers who keep coming back and the opportunity to be creative. At Source Office Furnishings, we are passionate about creating functional work environments which inspire motion and enhance engagement.

We provide a full-service approach to our complete offering. We look after everything from conceptual design, to delivery/install and servicing. The Calgary store is here every step of the way to save you time, stay within your budget and exceed expectations. We boast over 100 years of combined industry experience, with projects ranging from home offices to multi floor corporate installations.

We pride ourselves on developing client relationships, having an understanding of client needs and providing a wide range of furniture options. We accomplish this by listening, understanding your unique team needs, and keeping our commitments. We look forward to creating your inspiring space that uniquely reflects your business!

Kelly Gammel | Manager
Source Office Furniture - Calgary

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About Source Office Furniture Calgary

Visit us at our Calgary showroom today to discover a wide selection of office furniture including office chairs, boardroom tables, desks, and more. Talk to our industry experts who will guide you through our products and help you create the best office for your team.

Located on the corner of 12 Street NE and 36 Ave NE, Source Office Furniture Calgary welcomes you to explore our product offering in person. Our showroom showcases our wide selection of quality office furniture and allows you to feel and try our products. Discover a range of styles with collections from our trusted brands, like Performance Furnishings, Tayco, HON, Logiflex, Artopex, and more. These collections range from contemporary and modern designs to timeless pieces that are tried and true. From ergonomic office chairs to boardroom tables, our wide range of office furniture can furnish every space in your office, maximizing function and style in every corner. By stopping by our Calgary showroom, you can also see and touch our range of high-quality materials, like our high-density laminate finishes, fabric selection, and more.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for or where to start in your office furnishing journey, visiting our showroom is the best way to take the intimidation out of starting the process. When you stop by our showroom, you’ll have access to our team of office furniture specialists. With years of industry experience, our specialists have the knowledge and expertise to help you create workspaces that work best for your team, your business, and your industry. In our store, you can also take advantage of our complimentary space planning services with access to our space planning experts. Our space planning experts can help you maximize the potential of your office by getting a better understanding of the size and shape of your space. They’ll help you decide on a configuration that works best for your needs, while providing 2D and 3D renderings to help you visualize what your office could look like with a new layout and new furniture.

Source Office Furniture Calgary is proudly services communities within and surrounding Calgary including Calgary, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Airdrie, Brooks, Canmore, Banff, Cochrane, Okotoks, Olds and area.

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Calgary, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Airdrie, Brooks, Canmore, Banff, Cochrane, Okotoks, Olds and area.

Creating an Office Layout for Your Calgary Office

The layout of an office is an important factor that can have a significant impact on the productivity, creativity, and overall well-being of employees. A well-designed office layout can create a positive and efficient work environment that allows employees to work comfortably and collaboratively, while a poorly designed layout can lead to decreased productivity, increased stress, and even health problems. The layout of an office can affect the flow of communication, the amount of natural light that enters the space, and the level of noise and distraction. Therefore, careful consideration of the office layout is essential to ensure that employees have the tools and resources they need to work effectively and efficiently. A thoughtful and well-executed office layout can also improve the overall aesthetics of the workspace, making it more appealing to both employees and clients.

With so much importance built into the layout of your office, it can be a challenge to find and pick a configuration that works. There are so many possibilities when it comes to floor plans, which can be the overwhelming part of the process. At Source Office Furniture Calgary, we’ve had years of experience designing workspaces that help you work better and achieve more. Furthermore, our space planning experts are more than familiar with the clearances and space requirements needed to achieve a well-functioning office that makes the best use out of all the space you’re working with, without making the space feel crowded and tight.

The first step towards making this happen is getting an understanding of your needs, your business, and the how your team gets work done. Together with an office furniture specialist, our space planning experts will work with you to get this first step done. They’ll learn about your must-haves, the size and workflow of your team, and the issues you’ve had with your space in the past. Once they get to know your needs, they’ll familiarize themselves with how much space you have to work with. While it’s helpful to have measurements or an office blueprint handy, it’s not necessary. We’ll be happy to guide you through the measuring process, or come to you for an on-site consultation where we can take the measurements for you. Based on your needs and your space, our space planning experts will get to work and suggest the best layouts for your office. Once you’ve approved a layout, our office furniture specialists can help you pick out office furniture that matches your company and style.

How to Choose the Right Office Furniture For Your Office in Calgary

Durable and high-quality office furniture is essential for creating a comfortable and productive workspace for employees. Comfortable chairs and desks, for example, can prevent discomfort, fatigue, and other physical health issues that can arise from extended periods of sitting. Properly designed furniture can also help improve posture, reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries, and improve overall ergonomics. In addition to its functional benefits, good office furniture can also contribute to the aesthetics of the workspace, creating a professional and welcoming atmosphere. When employees feel comfortable and supported by their surroundings, they are more likely to be motivated, productive, and engaged in their work. Good office furniture can also have a positive impact on employee satisfaction and retention, as employees are more likely to stay with an employer who invests in their comfort and well-being. Ultimately, investing in good office furniture can pay off in increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and overall business success.

Choosing an Office Chair for Your Calgary Office

Choosing the right office chair can seem like a daunting task. After all, a good office chair is a commitment that should support you in your work for years to come. Here are a few key considerations that can make the selection process less intimidating. First, it's important to consider the chair's ergonomics. A good office chair should provide adequate lumbar support, adjustable height and tilt features, and comfortable padding. The second thing to consider is the chair's size and weight capacity to ensure it is suitable for the intended user. Another important consideration is the chair's durability and build quality. It's important to invest in a chair that will last and withstand daily wear and tear. Fourthly, consider the chair's aesthetics and how it will fit in with the overall design of the workspace.

Lastly, it's important to consider the budget and compare prices and features across different options. Testing the chair in person, if possible, can also help determine its suitability and comfort.

By shopping at Source Office Furniture Calgary, you can try our wide range of office chairs and be confident that you’ve chosen the perfect chair for your body, style preferences, and budget. Our specialists can also help you narrow down your options and provide you with suggestions you may not have considered.

Find a Desk for Your Office in Calgary

When purchasing an office desk, it's important to consider a variety of factors to ensure it meets the needs of the user and the workspace. Firstly, consider the desk's size and shape. It's important to choose a desk that fits the workspace and provides adequate surface area for the intended use. Secondly, think about the desk's storage capacity and how it will be used. Will the desk need drawers, cabinets, or shelves? Thirdly, consider the desk's durability and build quality. A sturdy and well-built desk will withstand daily use and last longer. Fourthly, think about the desk's aesthetics and how it fits with the overall design of the workspace. Lastly, consider the budget and compare prices and features across different options. Testing the desk in person, if possible, can also help determine its suitability and comfort. By considering these factors, buyers can make an informed decision and select an office desk that is functional, comfortable, and fits their specific needs.

At Source Calgary, you can shop our large selection of desks in person. Sit behind our desk displays and imagine yourself working, while making sure the configuration feels comfortable and appropriate for your nature of work and your workspace. You’ll also get to feel our high-density laminate finishes and see the different colour option in person, giving you absolute confidence that you’ve chosen the right option for your office.