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Please visit your local Source Office Furniture showroom or contact a representative near you by phone. We’ll be more than happy to help with product or pricing information, or answer any questions you may have about our office furniture.

If you would like to inquire about a product or a consultation, please contact us with your preferred store location.

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Every office is unique, and so are our furniture solutions. Visit our showroom to browse a wide selection of products on display, so you can find the perfect pieces to fit your space, style, and budget. Our furniture specialists are here to provide expert guidance and personalized recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

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By shopping in person, you get to see our products from every angle, while making sure our laminate colours and materials are exactly what you want.

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Feel the quality of our products and explore the textures of our laminate finishes, seat materials, and more.

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Test our products by taking a seat in our office chairs, adjusting our height-adjustable desks, or testing drawers and cabinets from our storage selection.

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My name is Brent and as manager of the Source Langley location, I am committed to assisting you in finding the office solutions that are right for you. Feel free to contact me for any of your office furniture needs. Stop by and meet me personally. I am here to help!

Brent Herron | Manager
Source Office Furniture - Langley

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About Source Office Furniture Langley

Visit our Langley showroom to shop our selection of office chairs, desks, conference tables and more. Learn more about furnishing your office with advice from our in-store specialists who will guide you through our products and services.

With increased growth and development in the City of Langley and the Township of Langley in the last couple of decades, we at Source Office Furniture are proud to be a part of such a community-based city filled with businesses of different sizes and varying industries. These businesses are key economic drivers for the city, contributing to the lives of people in Langley and helping to aid the continuous growth of the city and township. We’re honoured to lend our support and assistance when it comes to helping these businesses achieve success with offices and workplaces that are functional and productive.

We invite you to visit our Langley showroom, located on Production Way and 56 Avenue. Here you’ll experience the benefits of shopping in person, like getting product information from our knowledgeable Office Furniture Specialists. Our showroom also features floor models of our products for you to try out before committing. After all, your office furniture is an investment that should last you for years to come. This makes it especially important to pick the correct furniture for your space, needs, and body. See the true colours of our laminate finishes, feel the quality of our materials, and test out our range of products to make sure it’s the perfect match.

Source Office Furniture Langley is proud to carry Performance Furnishings, Tayco, HON, Logiflex, Artopex, and more brands that we trust. These brands always provide excellent quality, customizable configurations, and modern designs that will take your Langley office to the next level. Each brand features multiple collections to furnish any room in your office, such as private offices, boardrooms, and open-concept work areas. With so many brands, collections, and products to choose from, you can mix and match your office furniture to create a customized office that works perfectly for you and your team.

While our vast selection of products can make it difficult to narrow down your search for the perfect office furniture pieces, our in-store team is ready to guide your through our products, providing you with information, advice, and suggestions based on what you need for the space you have. Our office furniture specialists have years of experience in the industry and have taken that experience to expand their knowledge and expertise when it comes to office furniture. We use that experience to give you tips on what to consider during your decision-making process. If you need help visualizing the potential of your space, we also offer free space planning services that will help you maximize the functionality and efficiency of your Langley or Surrey office.

Source Office Furniture Langley proudly services Langley, Surrey, Delta, and Bellingham.

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  • In-Person Consultation
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Langley, Surrey, Delta, Bellingham

Creating an Office Layout for Your Langley Office

Depending on the space you are working with, it can be difficult to see all the possibilities to create an office that works. If you don’t have a layout in mind, it can also be challenging to pick out office furniture without size recommendations and placement to guide you. This is where our free Space Planning service comes in. At Source Langley, our Space Planning Experts can create floorplans and office layouts that work best for your needs. With tons of experience designing layouts for offices from varying industries and of different sizes, we can guide you through the best practices when it comes to creating an office floor plan, such as space requirements and clearances needs to create an office that flows.

To get the process started, our Space Planning Experts will work with you to get a better sense of what you want from your office space. Together, you’ll go over the necessary functions of your new office, like how many workspaces are needed, or how many people you need to accommodate. Afterwards, we’ll try to get an idea of how much room you have to work with by going over the dimensions and measurements of the room or rooms in question. If you’re not sure how to get the measurements of your space, we can come to you for a free in-person consultation. During the in-person consultation, we’ll get a feel for your space and take measurements, making everything easy and effortless for you. Once we know how much space you have to work with, we’ll create office layouts that best address your needs. We’ll also provide 2D and 3D renderings to help you visualize what your new office will look like. Once you’ve chosen your ideal floor plan, we can get started on the product selection part of the process where our Office Furniture Specialists will guide you through our extensive line of office furniture brands, collections, and products.

How to Choose the Right Office Furniture in Langley

Shopping for office furniture can seem like an overwhelming process, but at Source Office Furniture Langley, we’re here to support and guide you to make the process more accessible. When you shop with Source Langley, you can be confident that you are choosing top-quality products at attractive prices that provide the most value. We give you the space and time to shop our large selection of products, so that you can be sure your office furniture picks are right for you and your business.

Shopping for Office Chairs in Langley

When it comes to shopping for office chairs, it’s important to put comfort and support first. Since your chair has the most contact with your body throughout the workday, you want a chair that is ergonomically designed to support you throughout the length of your spine, arms, and more.

Chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, giving you many options to chose from. Depending on where in the office the chairs are being used, there are different things to consider. Task chairs are typically what people are referring to when talking about office chairs. Like their namesake, task chairs are meant to support desk-oriented employees as they get their day-to-day tasks and duties done. They’re often designed with ergonomic features and are built with castors to promote movement. Executive chairs, typically used in private offices, are designed with a professional look and feel and are often made with leather or bonded leather. Meanwhile, mesh chairs feature a breathable fabric at the back of the chair that regulates body temperature, creating a more comfortable seating experience. Reception chairs contribute to first impressions for guests, like potential customers or visitors. Therefore, it’s important to choose a well-designed chair that is durable and easy to clean.

With so much to consider, choosing a chair might be intimidating. That’s why we think it’s important to shop for chairs in person so you can try them out. Our Langley showroom has a large selection of office chairs on display so you can find the most comfortable option for you. If you’re not sure what to look for, our in-store specialists are happy to help you narrow down your options and find the chair that’s right for you.

Computer Desks for Langley Offices

The desk is an important and significant piece of office furniture. As one of the most dominant pieces of furniture you’ll get for your office, they define the layout of any workspace and affect where all your other furniture can go.

Desks may seem straightforward, but they come in a variety of shapes that are meant to cater to the way you work. Since most offices rely on computers, it’s important to choose from computer desks that are designed with features that make it easy to work on a computer for hours everyday. For example, computer desks are built with more depth, allowing you to house your monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other desk accessories on the surface without it feeling cramped or crowded. Computer desks also feature gromets that make it easy to feed and conceal wires. In addition to straight or linear-shaped configurations, computer desks also come in L-shape or U-shape configurations to provide users with extended surface area that can be used for paperwork or for hosting small meetings. The configuration you choose will depend on your nature of work. If your work is entirely computer-based, you may not need much surface area, so a straight or linear-shaped desk may be perfect for you. If you have a combination of computer work and paperwork, or computer work and small meetings, you may opt for an L-shape desk. If your work involves all three, a U-shape desk may be the best option for you.

No matter what the nature of your work looks like, Source Office Furniture Langley is excited to help you find the best computer desk for your workspace. By visiting our showroom and speaking to an Office Furniture Specialists, you can view our desks selection in person, while getting all the information you need to make and educated decision about which desk to purchase.

How to Add Storage to Your Office in Langley

There’s no better feeling than an office that’s neat and organized. Achieving that means having proper storage in your office so that everything has a home. When organization and cleanliness isn’t a priority in your office, it can be easy for mess and clutter to pile up, creating a workspace that is full of distractions and clutter.

Whether you’re storing paperwork, binders, stationery, or extra office supplies, our large selection of storage solutions can store just about anything. We’ve helped many Langley and Surrey offices with incorporating storage cabinets, bookshelves, filing cabinets, and more. Come and visit our Langley showroom to see our laminate finishes in person and to test out our drawers, cabinets, and more.